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Payment and purchase

If I will pay by cheque /transfer, when I will get activation?

When you pay by Cheque / Bank Transfer you will get Product Key after crediting of your payment by our bank/Payment Processor. Payment credit may take 1 to 7 days. Once we received confirmation of your payment credit the product key will be sent within 4 hours, but this may take up to 24 hours on technical ground.

Do you have any reseller in my country?

No, We don't have any direct reseller in any country except India. How ever many Hardware/Software service provider in varies countries are purchasing DOS2USB on behalf of their clients. Contact your service provider & ask them for support but in this case the actual price of DOS2USB may vary.

What if I am not satisfied with the product?

Please Click to read our 15 days Money-Back Guarantee.

Do you provide DOS2USB on Removable Media or Boxed Product?

No, this Product is only Electronic Delivery based. For the Removable Media or Boxed product, the extra charges will be applied as per your requirements.

Do you provides Invoice?

Yes, We provides only Retail Invoice in PDF/HTML Formats. For the TAX-INVOICE kindly contact to us before making the payment, If it is feasible then and only we provides TAX- INVOICE at extra cost.


After purchasing DOS2USB ,What is the procedure to get activation?

After getting the confirmation of your payment, you will get your Product key almost Immediately (by Email or SMS), however it may take 4 hours to 24 hours. After that you have to activate your product key either On-line or Off-line as per your convenience.

I do not have internet connection on the computer in which DOS2USB running. How can I activate DOS2USB on that computer?

Visit our Website and opt the Offline Activation mode.

Demo version Prints Watermark in the Background What to do?

This says the your DEMO Period is expired.

Does DOS2USB license key was limited period or not?

This license is Renwal based license, it need to renew ever year compolsory with specific Renewal charges as per your license terms. However you can opt for 3 year renewal also.

What is Surrender / DeActivate Button?

This is designed for transferring the license to new computer when needed. Do not Click it or try to Surrender / DeActivate, this will block your active copy of DOS2USB to run again on that computer. When you need to transfer the license to new computer, contact us, we will help you to Surrender / DeActivate the license for the existing computer and transfer the license to the new Computer.