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ENAFOX : Database Encrypter for FoxPro & Clipper. Provides On-the-Fly Data Decryption of the Database. No need to decrypt Database on the Disk at run time.


This is one type of security library which is use for secure your data. You can protect your important data. You can use it to protect any data in DOS and Windows based foxPro's application.

With use of this library you can protect your data with password. whenever you can access or see that data you have to give that password otherwise you also can not see information of that file.

ENAFOX's encryption facility gives you a way to protect sensitive data contained in your data file unauthorized viewing. The contents of the data files that you want to protect are encrypted by ENAFOX based on a password that you specify. In order to decrypt the original contents of the encrypted files, the correct password must be supply.

This information gives a general overview of ENAFOX's encryption facilities. If you want to get more detail for this just mail us on

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